Friday, October 28, 2011

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Biking around the area with my cousin Ate Pinky, Ate Rogelyn, brother Gabriel and I.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is located at Mactan, Cebu. The 5-star room is large and comfy, bathroom is very spacious. Good food and ample variety. As we explored Plantation Bay Resort for 6 days with my relatives Ate Pinky,Kuya Michael, Lea, Sean, Kuya Jun, Ate Rodge and my brother Gabriel, our overall experienced with my family/cousins was great . This place is really good for relaxation, family outing or romance. It has a lot of activities you can choose from.
Behind me is my cousin Kuya Jun, had his henna tattoo.

We took two rooms the Penthouse Suite and the Riverboat Suite. If you want to spoil yourself, go for a spa which we did, we tried the Full Body Massage (30 minutes) for Php 1,000 and Foot Heaven Massage (1 hr.) for Php 1,300 and the Skinful Pleasures (1 hr.) for Php 1,800 this is the Plantation Bay's Signature Massage. Since we stayed there for 6 days, everyday we enjoyed the different kind of massage they have. Thanks to Kell's family for the treat, all expense paid by them. That's how very generous they are. Thank you so much for the wonderful experienced.

With Lea and Sean my niece and nephew.

Here are more of my experienced:

1. Food was good.

2. Friendliness of the staff is awesome. They have no tipping policy and the stuff is more than happy to please visitors. Always greeting with a friendly smile and very helpful and knowledgeable.

3. The pools are awesome! We really enjoyed the main pool with the smaller water slide for kids. It has a nice pool bar in the middle of the resort.

4. Spa was amazing.

5. They also have wifi throuhgout the resort and free airport shuttle pick up/drop off.

6. The Plantation Bay Resort had tons activities to do. Many restaurants, Aqua Rides, Children's Activities, Gym and game room, Diving, Firing Range, Wall Climbing, Biking, Tennis, Fishing, Water Skiing and Para-sailing . Many of these activities are free and some of it you have to pay.

7. Being in Mactan Island, this resort had no beach. It claims it has a beach but I was disappointed in the small patch of sand they considered beach. If you are looking for beach front this is not for you.

8.Location of the resort is in the middle of nowhere. Can't walk out for go shopping or take a stroll. Your stuck there unless you plan for tours or call in advance for taxis.

9. Overall, superb experienced!!!

That was really wonderful bonding moments with my relatives at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. Been here twice and I am really in love with the place.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Switzerland Trip

This is my new Travel Blog which I'm going to share about my trips here in Philippines also my out of the country travels. Since this is my first travel blog, I will post my very first trip outside Philippines, Switzerland.

Switzerland is small, mountainous and wealthy. A stylish tourist destinations offering countless outdoor adventure .

I never thought I would visit this beautiful country, but I was lucky enough after college, Tita Inday and her husband invited me to come over and visit Switzerland. I never think twice and I said YES! Thank you very much for the wonderful, superb experienced and great opportunity in my life.

The view was so breathtaking. I had a lot of first time experienced in Switz and those are: SNOW, feeding the birds , riding on a train, eating different kinds of cheese , picking up fresh kaka of a dog using trash bag before throwing it away to garbage bin, buy fresh vegetables along the road when no one was watching their product, you just have to drop your money inside the box, Alps, museum, authentic painting of a famous painter (Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and Leonardo da Vinci) that was the time I started to appreciate arts, taking the dog out for a walk and speaking German language.

They tour me to different places in Switzerland like St. Gallen, Zurich, Bern , Walensee and a lot more.


Faschnacht Festival with my Tita Inday

During Faschnacht in Ruti, Switzerland. This is one of the big event in Switz, children dressed in costumes, I also witnessed a very colorful parade afterwards we went to an open area where you can get a frankfurter and bread for free which I am holding at the photo.

A video which I got from youtube for you to have an idea during Fasnacht Parade.

Have you been out of the country? If yes, where and what is your best experienced into that place?