Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bohol Escapade

Bohol is the place on earth I always wanted to visit when I was a child, mostly because for the Chocolate Hills. On this trip , I finally got to see them. I also wanted to see more of my own country. The Philippines has no longer secret destinations and Bohol is definitely one of them with mix of provincial charm, history and high end resorts.

Bohol has something for everyone. If you like socializing and meeting new people, you may visit Alona Beach, It's like Boracay where you will meet people of different nationalities. But the nightlife is not the same as Boracay though there are few bars around the beach and nearby places if you want a night-out. Aside from beaches, what I also like in Bohol is that they are rich in history.
A photo taken at Alona Beach with my family and relatives during our Bohol trip.

Baclayon Church is another must-see. One of the oldest churches in the country, built by Spanish settlers in the 1600s and still in good shape today. The side of the church, you will see a watermark from years of rainfall. Locals said it is the image of Padre Pio.

Bohol trip is not complete without seeing the Chocolate Hills. The view was so breathtaking. It was my childhood dream to see it and now dream come true.
Another attraction on the must-see list is the tarsiers which is now endangered animals, which we see them in their natural habitat. They are small animal no larger than a adult men's hand. It only give birth once a year and the life span is from 15 to 20 years. Tarsier is active at night. Touching the tarsiers are no longer allowed.

Of course, we were able to passed by to the first and only famous man made forest in the Philippines. It is mainly composed of Mahogany trees. When we entered the forest I feel the sudden change in temperature and the freshness of air.
We had our leisurely buffet lunch at Loboc River Cruise for Php 350.00/pax and Php 100.00 for entrance (maintenance safety and security charges) , its like 1 hour ride down the river and we passed by live entertainment.

We visited some historical places such as Dauis Church. It is one of the oldest churches in the region, very impressive even on the outside and much more when you step in, look up and you will see the beautiful artwork.
from right: Tita inday, Tita Nena, Tita Loting and I.

with my relatives chillin' at Cafe Lawis after the whole day Bohol land tour. They served freshly baked bread and other pastry product. It was just located on the right side of Dauis church.

Have you been to Bohol? If yes, can you tell me about unforgettable experienced during your trip. =)